Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beat the Crap Out of Me, Just Don't Take Anything

Porkchop was telling me about a story he'd read about on his Motorcycle Forum. Apparently there was a big motorcycle event over on PEI this weekend and a guy from NB who is a medic, volunteered to come over and work at the event. He loaded up his medic's bag on the motorcycle and off he went. He stopped somewhere for gas and as he went in to pay for it, some scumbag made off with his very expensive medic bag. He lost his bag and the event lost their medic because some little pissant decided to steal his equipment.

This shit burns my ass - I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times, "there's nothing worse than a thief." I would much rather you come up to me and beat the living tar out of me than steal something from me. There's just something so sneaky and slimy about stealing; I can't STAND a thief, they are scum. At least everything is out in the open with a good old fashioned shit-kicking.

I think this is one of those RARE instances when I agree with crazy-assed bastards who have punishments like chopping off digits for stealing. Stealing because you're starving is a different story mind you, but stealing because you're a little punk or you need your next fix? - NO MERCY - someone get a butcher's knife and an apron, little Joe's about to lose his pinkie. I bet after little Joe loses "that little piggy", little Joe would be less likely to be thievin' again.

What do YOU think?

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