Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prince hopes for a legacy to gardening

PRINCE Charles has told gardeners they could play a crucial role in tackling environmental issues.

The heir to the throne has tried to put his belief in organic and sustainable planting and agriculture into practice at his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.

He described how those who cultivate an outdoor space have a "wealth of knowledge about the natural world" and it is vital for them to "sow the seed for future generations".

The Prince's comments come in an article for the 20th anniversary edition of Gardeners' World magazine.

Highgrove features a number of different areas including a meadow with around 32 different varieties of endangered native plants and a walled kitchen garden.

The Prince said: "I would hope that if there is to be any kind of legacy from my gardening activities, it would be that Highgrove may encourage people to garden in a sustainable and environmentally sound way - which is in harmony with nature - that it warms the heart and feeds the soul of those who visit and, maybe for those who have never gardened, provides inspiration to show what can be done in a mere few decades."

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